About Yolanda Rossi

Yolanda Rossi, Tango instructor, Dance Shoes by Yolanda Boutique

Yolanda Rossi

Yolanda Rossi has been promoting, teaching, and serving the tango community in the Greater Los Angeles area since 1993.
In 1993, Yolanda was associated as a producer and designer of the live Argentinean Las Vegas show “Viva Tango”, a company of 37 Argentinean artists, musicians, dancers, and singers.

As a teacher and performer, together with her dance partner Michael Espinoza, Yolanda created and presented at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in 1995 the show “Tango Splash”, with the participation of Orlando Paiva Sr. and dancer and choreographer Zita Gonzales. Seven of the most outstanding dance couples of the 1990s in Los Angeles joined the show.

About the same time Yolanda, with Michael, established Friday and Saturday tango classes and milongas at the Los Angeles Dance Experience in Westwood, as well as milongas and classes at many other locations through California.
Together, Yolanda and Michael participated in most of the renowned tango shows in the greater Los Angeles area and some of the first tango festivals in several states.
Throughout the years, they introduced to tango, being their first teachers, today’s well known local teachers such as Moti Buchboot and Makela Brizuela, to name some. Yolanda was also renowned dancer Yuliana Basmajyan’s first tango teacher.

Shoes and dresses on display
Yolanda’s Shoes displayed at a tango festival

In 1994, Yolanda presented in San Francisco and Los Angeles the first of many tango fashion shows, including Miriam Larici & Sandor.
As part of her illustrious tango background, Yolanda was the class assistant to the world masters of tango Orlando Paiva Sr., Carlos Gavito, Pupy, El Pibe Sarandi, Facundo Posadas, and many others in their workshops and classes. Yolanda toured California with Orlando Paiva Sr., during 1996/97. She also sponsored and was the hostess of the successful live music Milonga El Baron for 5 years.

As a promoter, she was honored to present on many occasions and for the first time in LA, Argentinean masters as Carlos Gavito, Marcela Duran, Carlos & Maria Rivarola, Nito and Elba, Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Hermosida, Guillermina Quiroga, Gloria and Rodolfo Dinzel, Natalia Hills, Oscar and Georgina, Jorge Torres, Mariela, Hugo Patyn, Fernando and Ariadna Naveira, Juan Horvath and Victoria Galoto, Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo, Carlos Barrionuevo & Mayte Valdes, and many more.

Since 2002, as a solo instructor, Yolanda has been providing weekly group and private classes in her own studio, Tango Splash, in Glendale, California.
Yolanda also established a showroom boutique, with a complete line of tango fashions, and a full collection of imported tango shoes for men and women, including her own line of Yolanda Rossi’s shoes.

Yolanda has also traveled to the most important Tango Festivals in the United State throughout the years, featuring her shoes and fashion exhibitions.