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Top quality shoes imported from Argentina and Italy

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Neo Tango Women

Neo Tango Dance Shoes from Argentina, Women, sizes 4 to 11 

Comme Il Faut

Comme Il Faut

Comme Il Faut Tango Dance Shoes, women, size 4 to 11 

Neo Tango

Yolanda Rossi

  • About Yolanda Rossi

    Yolanda Rossi has been promoting, teaching, and serving the tango community in the Greater Los Angeles area since 1993. In 1993, Yolanda was associated as a producer and designer of the live Argentinean Las Vegas show “Viva Tango”, a company of 37 Argentinean artists, musicians, dancers, and singers. More...

  • DVD Tango Lessons

    Tango lessons with Orlando Paiva Sr., master of a smooth, elegant style accompanied by Yolanda Rossi. Two volumes. More...

  • About Tango Splash

    Our Company started in October 1994. Our primary goal is to Promote, Perform, and teach the Authentic Argentina Tango. We produce teaching videos. Import the best music for dancing tango from Argentina.

    We create “Nude Tango” our Collection of shoes and dresses for dancers.(shoes are produced in Argentina). More..